Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Master Degree in Human Resources

Masters degree human resources offer various range of disciplines you can choose such as organizational change management, structure of behavior in the workplace, dynamics of group processes, multicultural influences in organizations, performance improvement, leadership development and coaching and conflict resolution disciplines. Moreover, there are also offer from PhD in human resources with several specializations like PhD in Organization and Management with Human Resource Management and Leadership, PhD in Business Management with the same specialization as the previous one and PhD in Education with specialization in Instructional Design for Online Learning and Training and Performance Improvement. In addition, there is also PhD in Psychology with Industrial or Organizational Psychology specialization.

            The common school of Online Graduate Management Courses offer 12 courses with 36 credit hours. The main courses are accounted for 24 credit hours. The core or main courses consist of Communicating Effectively as a Manager, Project Management, Leadership Foundations, Managing People and Performance, Human Resource Management and Strategy, Strategic Planning and Implementation, Managerial Decision-Making, and Master’s Capstone. The elective courses or called as Track courses consist of Contract Management and Administration, Legal Aspects of Government Contracting, Contract Pricing, Negotiations, and Source Selection, and Performance of Government Contracts. Then, the track courses on human resources management consist of Organization Theory and Behavior, Conflict Resolution, Legal Environment in Human Resources, Labor-Management Relations and many others.

            If you are masters degree human resources, you can apply for several position in companies like director of human resources, director of industrial relations, compensation manager, work-life manager, benefits manager, occupational analyst, labor relations specialist, and recruitment and placement specialist. In studying master’s degree in Human Resources you can choose one of four options offered: labor and collective bargaining, benefits and compensation, employment and labor law, and staffing, training and development. Choose one major or discipline that suits your capability and budget.