Friday, January 6, 2012

Eliminate the right of the cooperative learning strategies to become a serious problem with cooperative learning

Cooperative learning has long been a good way to have been introduced to improve school performance. However, many teachers refuse to co-learning activities and other types of group work because they believe that only some of the students do all the work. However, when teachers use cooperative learning strategies more effectively, you can avoid this potential, yet serious, problem with cooperative learning.

It should enable teachers to get the most out of their cooperative learning activities, cooperative learning strategies, both positive interdependence and individual responsibility to promote.

Positive Interdependence simply means that students rely on each other in a positive way to complete a task.

Individual responsibility is achieved when each student is held responsible (eg, to pass a quiz on what they have learned in the group) on an individual basis.

Here is a great example of positive interdependence and individual responsibility, if it makes cooperative learning activities ...

This works well as a review game before the test ...

It's called Letters of Baths:

First Teacher divides the students into groups of 4 or 5

Second The students in each group received a different letter (a, b, c, d, e).

Third Students have to check 5-10 minutes / complete the booklet (I make sure to let students know how well they perform when reviewing game depends on everyone in her group are working together ~ positive interdependence)

4th Teacher asks a question, followed by a letter at random. (First question, you say the letter)

5th Students who have this letter in each group are responsible for writing the answer. (Individual Responsibility)

6th The group with the most correct answers wins!

It is understandable that teachers shy away from cooperative learning activities. If only a few students do all the work then there really is not much sense. But as you can see from the top to the right strategies, cooperative learning can eliminate this problem and really benefit all students.