Monday, February 6, 2012

Cycle of investigation and inquiry based learning - something everyone needs to know

Learning by investigators, is where the process meets fluidity - that invites students and teachers. We can combine the ability for them in a study of the dynamics of learning, to be employed by their questions.

The more a school uses inquiry based learning, which gets more profits. IB schools worldwide are using this method and has become a process or tool that makes the IB program from alternative schools. Request (or request: UK) is a practice that expand the base of skills, sedimentation doubt, and has solved a challenge.

When they get Arise?

For questions or provocations, teachers can investigate further and determine their current understanding, expression and structuring of real issues. To ensure that the collection and analysis not only act, but it is used on the right track, number of students and cooperation.

This pedagogical approach is a dynamic tactical training that help the children genuine and authentic children's curiosity with regard to their environment. A teacher must be employed as a researcher, while this is done to document the process. The philosophy is that the inquiry does not end. The method emphasizes the improvement of teaching methods, perfecting the techniques of classroom management and improvement of learner achievement.

The result of a teacher's creativity, ingenuity and support this process and students at the center is an extension of the dynamic development.

The Cycle of Inquiry, the PYP curriculum model are, research skills and Cycle Action Planner PYP PYP on all of the survey square.

We should also remember that writes the IBO does not intend to use a course official request, as there may be several structures and models of inquiry are usually a certain task.

There are some cases of cycles of inquiry created by educators:

    John Dewey
    Kath Murdoch
    Kathy Short
    Big Six

Many schools and teachers to design a study or a model student and indefinite simple investigation.