Monday, February 6, 2012

Special Education Inclusion

Special education inclusion means the participation of students in regular classrooms, special schools and the provision of support services to these students. The main objective is the integration of education for all students regardless in a school that has become of their strengths and their weaknesses in an area of ​​the school community. Each student develops a sense of belonging with other students, teachers and support staff. In separate special education, the children do not learn, work in a non-disabled. For example, children with disabilities in the area of ​​communication and emotionally disturbed and could not communicate, stay in an emotionally disturbed in separate environments. The Swiss People with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) holds mandatory for schools to educate children with disabilities in general education classes.

The main advantage is that the inclusion of special education students, both disabled and able bodied people has arrived, in an environment of solidarity. Children learn to accept individual differences in education and this would include the development of new friendships. Inclusion formation also allows the active participation of parents in the education of their children. The law requires that students with disabilities have the right to attend classes regularly and receive adequate training in the least restrictive. Although the benefits are many, including education creates an uncertainty regarding the roles and responsibilities of regular classroom teachers and special education teachers. However, research has shown that education is the recording to take effect through a healthy cooperation between the special education teachers and regular teachers. With the support services that would be available from the health department, department of physical education, occupational therapists,
speech therapists, etc., the school administration to help teachers to develop lesson plans for the formation of the active inclusion. This allows the schools to foster a cooperative learning environment and socialization.

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